The contents of this book reflect the experience the author has gained using IP-based communications applications since 1995, including six years’ experience working with various players in the Skype™ ecosystem – Skype employees, Skype hardware and software partners, participants at various events where Skype is either a sponsor or participant, and bloggers who write about Skype and other IP-based communications.

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This book is based, in part, on communications software licensed, and information published, by Skype at the time of writing. At its sole discretion Skype may add, modify or remove features and change pricing without notice. Please consult the Skype website for the current features, offerings and pricing policies. While the author has diligently attempted to provide accurate information, the author takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions, and makes no warranties with respect to the accuracy and completeness of the contents of this book.

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As this guide builds on the experience gained in blogging about Skype over the past six years most hyperlinks in this book will go to various posts previously published on Voice On The Web and/or Skype Journal.  These links take you to background information related to the content where the link appears. There are no links to affiliate programs in this guide.

Mississauga, Ontario Canada, March 10, 2015