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Who is Experience Skype to the Max for?

“… When I first saw this book, I thought ho-hum. I’ve been using Skype for years. I’m a frigging guru! …. Well, this became an instant exercise in ‘I didn’t know what I didn’t know!’ This book covers many details that I had not even thought about before….” Rich Bohn

You have heard about Skype and want to:

  • learn more before joining Skype.
  • take full advantage of Skype’s rich feature set.
  • develop and nurture geographically challenged personal and business relationships
  • build a cohesive worldwide business team
  • market and support your business internationally
  • support special interest groups in a sustainable informal discussion

This book has been written to assist the Skype experience of:

  • Road warriors who need to keep in contact with their family and business contacts
  • Specialists who want to provide remote training: language, music, webinars
  • Families who want to keep in touch as the family grows up
  • Students keeping in touch with their classmates, study teams, sports teams, friends and family
  • Business teams who want to collaborate both formally and informally
  • Teachers who want to build an online training business
  • Anyone who wants the full picture of Skype’s ecosystem