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What is “Experience Skype to the Max”?

” Even though I have used Skype for years, I knew there was lots of pieces missing. Like how to manage multi- party video conference calls, managing Skype groups and recording Interviews. This has it all…” P. Bannister

A guide to real time social networking for building and sustaining everyday personal and business relationships, whether geographically dispersed “friends and family”, road warriors, special interest groups, business teams, the wanderlust world traveler and anyone who wants to get more out of their Skype experience.

Experience Skype to the Max provides in a single document a comprehensive and detailed portrayal of the entire Skype ecosystem: its features, its hardware and its software. Beyond free worldwide Skype-to-Skype calling you’ll learn about a multitude of premium offerings such as calling locally and internationally to/from the legacy phone system, group video calling and how to get support.

As implied in the title this book’s focus is on the user’s Skype experience and taking full advantage of Skype’s feature set in both personal and business communications. While the introductory chapter provides an overview you can quickly jump to other chapters including:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: People Like to Talk!
Chapter 2: Connecting to Skype at Home and Abroad
Chapter 3: Enriching Conversations with Skype
Chapter 4: Using Skype in Business: Use Cases
Chapter 5: Using Skype on the Desktop
Chapter 6: Using Skype on Mobile Devices
Chapter 7: Calling and Messaging Landlines and Mobile Phones
Chapter 8: Skype Chat: A Virtual Water Fountain
Chapter 9: Managing Your Skype Account and Subscriptions
Chapter 10: Hardware Considerations: PCs, Mobiles and Peripherals
Chapter 11: Building Geographically Dispersed Teams Over Skype
Chapter 12: Skype on Office 365, Outlook.com and Lync
Chapter 13: The Way Ahead
Appendix: Glossary

Experience Skype to the Max will help you enhance your Skype experience so that you can:

  • take advantage of Skype’s collaboration features
  • learn various tips that can enhance your conversations
  • manage Skype use for cost effective business communications
  • optimize your audio and video hardware to take full advantage of Skype’s features
  • take Skype on the road using wireless smartphones and tablets
  • recommendations for ensuring Skype account security and privacy
  • make effective use of archiving and search features in both Skype and third party products
  • communicate with Facebook friends from Skype for Windows and Skype for Mac
  • use Skype as the international long distance plan for your smartphone while in your carrier’s “Home” territory
  • use Skype as the international long distance plan for your landline (U.S., Canada, U.K. only)
  • find third party products for both audio and video recording
  • locate support tools available
  • in summary – get the most out of Skype’s rich feature set

Experience Skype to the Max is an eBook that allows you to take full advantage of an eBook’s bookmark, highlighting, note taking and navigation features. You can follow links to web pages (often Voice on the Web posts) and immediately return to the location from which you launched the link. However, as a footnote, if you are looking for information about Skype’s underlying technology you won’t find it here.