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About Jim Courtney

Voice On The WebJim Courtney has experienced IP-based communications since 1996 and been a Skype user since 2005.

Since 2006 he has authored over 900 blog posts about Skype, smartphones and IP-based communications at Voice On The Web and previously at Skype Journal, both independent weblog publications.

Jim Courtney.BMuir.200px

His background includes almost forty years of international business communications experience as a sales and marketing executive and consultant in small to medium technology business environments. Over twenty years’ experience as a user and observer of Internet communications technologies along with nine years of covering Skype™, other IP-based communications applications and smartphones as both a blogger and consultant have contributed to his background.

SkypePhones.Nov11.637x360During this time he has attended numerous conferences covering IP-based communications. He has had a couple of Skype’s partners as former business development clients for his consulting business. He has tested over 100 pieces of hardware associated with improving the Skype call experience. He has been an active blogger within a community of bloggers who have covered not only new developments in IP-based communications but also their disruptive impact on the business model of communications providers.

When he completed a project with a Skype partner in the spring of 2011 he realized he had gained a unique perspective on the Skype ecosystem. This experience covered not only how to derive the maximum benefit out of Skype’s communications tools but also how to use Skype as an everyday personal and business communications tool while traveling internationally. And he often received a wide range of questions about using Skype.

ApressAuthorBadgeIn the spring of 2014 Jim was approached by Apress with a proposal to do an update: Experience Skype to the Max, 2nd Edition. This was completed in March 2014 and incorporates more recent versions of Skype clients and Skype applications on mobile smartphones.

Experience Skype to the Max builds on this acquired insight to provide a comprehensive overview of Skype, its software, its hardware and its growth beyond PC’s to become available on a wide range of platforms, including mobile smartphones and HDTV sets.

Acknowledgement: The graphic sketch of the author was created by Skype Video artist Barbara Muir of Toronto. She created the sketch at her Toronto studio via a Skype High Quality Video call from a Skype event in Las Vegas.