You’ve heard about Skype’s free calling worldwide.

But you have questions about Skype. You want to learn how to take full advantage of Skype’s enriched chat, voice and video conversation features. Get the full story now in a revealing Print or eBook version: Experience Skype™ to the Max, 2nd Edition.

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About the author

Jim Courtney has experienced IP-based communications since 1995 and been a Skype user since 2005. He has authored over 900 blog posts about Skype, smartphones and IP-based communications at Voice On The Web.

What is Experience Skype to the Max?

A guide to real time social networking for building and sustaining everyday personal and business relationships, whether geographically dispersed “friends and family”, road warriors, business teams…

You have heard of Skype and want to:

  • learn more before joining Skype.
  • take full advantage of its rich feature set.
  • build a cohesive worldwide business team
  • market and support your business internationally


Disclaimer: This book and its contents have not been endorsed or reviewed by Skype. Any views or opinions expressed are entirely views of the author or the cited source only. The Skype name, associated trademarks and logos and the “S” logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. More…